About Me

I am a computational social scientist and postdoctoral fellow at the Massive Data Institute (Georgetown), where I work on the intersection of sociology, statistics, and data science. I hold a PhD in Sociology (2023) and a MS in Applied Statistics (2019), both from Indiana University, and previously interned at Facebook’s core data science group

My research interests are global inequality, city development, forced migration, and cultural tastes. In my dissertation and in various related projects, I take a broad-scale view of inequality and power to understand to what extend globalization reproduces existing hierarchies between cities, regions, and nations (e.g. between Global North/South). I have taught several workshops in Python that introduce students and faculty to computational methods; including how to collect data using webscraping and APIs, predictive modelling, text mining, and network methods. At Indiana University, I collaborated with the Complex Networks and Systems Center to implement network similarity algorithms in Python.

Contact: hm868 ‘at’ georgetown.edu